About TRInCo 2017

The recorded history of the Port City of Trincomalee spans more than two and a half thousand years, beginning with civilian settlement associated with the Koneswaran Temple in the pre-modern era. As one of the oldest cities in Asia, it has served as a major maritime seaport in the international trading history of the island with South East Asia, and with the region’s only Natural Harbor.

The Trincomalee Campus, EUSL, which is located in Konesapuri, Trincomalee, has been recognized as a unique higher educational Institution in the region. Having the blue sea waters on one side and the lavish green on the other, the campus is suited ideally for higher education where one can undertake higher studies and research in a peaceful environment. While offering a valuable contribution to the locality, the institution began spreading its wings internationally in research by initiating at the 1st International Research Conference in 2016(TRInCo 2016)

Knowing the geographical and social importance of the region in which our institution is located, we received a positive and appreciable response nationally and internationally. 116 research papers were received, out of which 57 papers were presented at the conference. A mentionable amount of foreign participants were also present in the 1st International Conference from countries such as Nigeria, India and Malaysia.

Encouraged by this impressive response we received last year, we received last year, we are organizing the 2nd International Research Conference (TRInCo 2017) with the theme of “Exploiting the Resources for a Better Tomorrow.”


  • Science & Technology
  • Medical & Health-Care Sciences
  • Agriculture & Environmental Sciences
  • Contemporary Managenent
  • Economics & International Affairs
  • Communication & Aesthetics
  • Language, Linguistics & Literature
  • Social Sciences
  • Tourism & Cultural Heritage
  • Educational & Higher Education
  • Governance and Civics